Are you ready to stop worrying about your Health & Wellbeing?

Learn to create and live a balanced Lifestyle at ease without waiting for another Monday. Create Joy & Wellbeing in everything that you do or wish to create. 

Stop struggling with your symptoms or just treating them with medicines. 

Adapt simple ways to read into your symptoms- Download the Free Healing Guide created by Namrata & Avani  to help you through the process of Healing.

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At Amoha, we focus on Healing You & not just treating a disorder

Unlearn the Restrictions , Heal Emotions & Embrace the Joy of Eating

Get personalized Guidance from Namrata & Avani to design  your holistic approach to health & identify what are you ready for!

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Hear it from our Amoha Family 

I was diagnosed with PCOS, 6 years ago & I never really understood my condition . I had an eye-opening session with Avani & Namrata. I had body image issues as well  & they made me embrace my body . The best part about the program was that they made me understand PCOS & its relation to mind & food. Thanks to them, my cravings have gone, I no longer have bloating or GI distress, my periods have regularised, facial hair & pigmentation has improved, energy levels have gone up & I know myself so much better. My experience of working with these two beautiful ladies has been the most rewarding one & I would recommend anyone with PCOS, diabetes etc to go for the Amoha Program.

                      --Amy C, Mumbai.

When I  started with the Amoha Program, I was in a terrible state. I had massive digestive issues, irregular periods & daily headaches. Anyone with digestive issues, would understand how badly it affects day to day living. While I was working with Avani & Namrata, I understood the reasons of my cravings, gut issues, PCOS & allergies. I was able to heal most of the things that I beared almost all of my life. Today, even after completing the program, I am able to continue with my renewed lifestyle & attain new outcomes everyday. My periods are now regular, I have lost body fat, I am content with my food, I no longer have digestive concerns & my headaches are now very occasional. Healing is a process & I am enjoying this process.

                        --Andriya, Kerala.


Enter a New Lifestyle

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”
All our programs are specifically designed to address Real Issues & Dive Within for Solutions!

Healthy New Lifestyle Program

14 days to align your daily practices that supports healing of symptoms like bloating, acidity, indigestions, acne, stubborn weight, anxiety and mood swings

14 Day Gut Reset Program

- Pre-assessment 

- Pre-recorded videos


- Personalised nutrition advice 

- 2 weeks meal plan + recipes

- Weekly meditation sessions

- On-going support

- Live Q&A

- Access to Community

- Mindful Coaching

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