How can I sleep better?
How can I improve digestion? 
Why am I so anxious?
How can I improve my digestion?
Is weight loss a must to stay healthy? 
How many calories should I eat?
Why do I experience certain emotions? 
Why do I overthink?
How can I express my emotions?
Why am I so stressed?
Why do I feel so stuck?
How do I identify my goals?
How can I create a beautiful life? 

If these questions run in your mind, you have entered the Right Place. 

Our health is not just dependent on the food we eat. It is a cluster of our behaviours, emotions, thoughts, relation with food & self. Besides, it is proven that Food & Mind are inter-linked which in turn affects our health. 

At Amoha, we focus on Healing You & not just treating a disorder

Identifying & Setting Realistic Goals

Adapting an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

Food Coaching, Education and awareness about mind-body-food

Mind Coaching & Clarity

Dealing with Emotions, Stressors & Emotional Eating

Resetting Gut Health

Hormonal & Emotional Well-being

Personalized Nutrition Plan 

Weekly Meditation Session

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Heal Holistically

Unlearn the Restrictions , Heal Emotions & Embrace the Joy of Eating

Hear it from our Amoha Family 

I was diagnosed with PCOS, 6 years ago & I never really understood my condition . I had an eye-opening session with Avani & Namrata. I had body image issues as well  & they made me embrace my body . The best part about the program was that they made me understand PCOS & its relation to mind & food. Thanks to them, my cravings have gone, I no longer have bloating or GI distress, my periods have regularised, facial hair & pigmentation has improved, energy levels have gone up & I know myself so much better. My experience of working with these two beautiful ladies has been the most rewarding one & I would recommend anyone with PCOS, diabetes etc to go for the Amoha Program.

                      --Amy C, Mumbai.

When I  started with the Amoha Program, I was in a terrible state. I had massive digestive issues, irregular periods & daily headaches. Anyone with digestive issues, would understand how badly it affects day to day living. While I was working with Avani & Namrata, I understood the reasons of my cravings, gut issues, PCOS & allergies. I was able to heal most of the things that I beared almost all of my life. Today, even after completing the program, I am able to continue with my renewed lifestyle & attain new outcomes everyday. My periods are now regular, I have lost body fat, I am content with my food, I no longer have digestive concerns & my headaches are now very occasional. Healing is a process & I am enjoying this process.

                        --Andriya, Kerala.


Enter a New Lifestyle

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”

All our programs are specifically designed to address Real Issues & Dive Within for Solutions!

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The Amoha Team!

Meet Namrata

Registered Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist 

PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid & Mindful Eating

Just one chapter on Food & Nutrition in 9th Grade & I knew what I wanted to do. That's when my passion and interest for understanding the relationship between food and health began. 


Today, after completing my Bachelors in Dietetics & Post-Graduation in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, & being a Registered Dietitian  that passion & interest has only increased. 

I absolutely enjoy the process of healing relationships with food & helping fall back in love with their food.


Meet Avani

Life Coach & Healer

CA turned life Coach, I am an NLP master trainer, healer and a corporate trainer. My theory is “Create self awareness and the rest of the path follows”. Facilitating people with freedom that comes from understanding oneself is what drives me.Working as a healer is something I stumbled upon in my personal journey to healing and I have mastered the art through self application, observation & meditation.

Finding the truth and understanding the true meaning of life is my life purpose. Every person who works with me, walks the path of spirituality. Also when you work with me, we not only focus on the challenge in front of us but uplift all aspects of life to have a deeper experience in our everyday. 

Right approach and nurturing, is what it takes to grow and blossom, if you really look you will see the potential 


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