Are you ready to stop worrying about your Health & Wellbeing?

Learn to create and live a balanced Lifestyle at ease without waiting for another Monday. Create Joy & Wellbeing in everything that you do or wish to create. 

Stop struggling with your symptoms or just treating them with medicines. 

Adapt simple ways to read into your symptoms- Download the Free Healing Guide created by Namrata & Avani  to help you through the process of Healing.

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At Amoha, we focus on Healing You & not just treating a disorder

Unlearn the Restrictions , Heal Emotions & Embrace the Joy of Eating

Get personalized Guidance from Namrata & Avani to design  your holistic approach to health & identify what are you ready for!


Hear it from our Amoha Family 

I was diagnosed with PCOS, 6 years ago & I never really understood my condition . I had an eye-opening session with Avani & Namrata. I had body image issues as well  & they made me embrace my body . The best part about the program was that they made me understand PCOS & its relation to mind & food. Thanks to them, my cravings have gone, I no longer have bloating or GI distress, my periods have regularised, facial hair & pigmentation has improved, energy levels have gone up & I know myself so much better. My experience of working with these two beautiful ladies has been the most rewarding one & I would recommend anyone with PCOS, diabetes etc to go for the Amoha Program.

                      --Amy C, Mumbai.

When I  started with the Amoha Program, I was in a terrible state. I had massive digestive issues, irregular periods & daily headaches. Anyone with digestive issues, would understand how badly it affects day to day living. While I was working with Avani & Namrata, I understood the reasons of my cravings, gut issues, PCOS & allergies. I was able to heal most of the things that I beared almost all of my life. Today, even after completing the program, I am able to continue with my renewed lifestyle & attain new outcomes everyday. My periods are now regular, I have lost body fat, I am content with my food, I no longer have digestive concerns & my headaches are now very occasional. Healing is a process & I am enjoying this process.

                        --Andriya, Kerala.


Enter a New Lifestyle

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”
All our programs are specifically designed to address Real Issues & Dive Within for Solutions!

Preparing Eggplant

Rebalance your hormones, gut & emotions. Unlock the potential in you to create a healthy life. 

Envision: Healing

3 months of Personal Coaching with Namrata & Avani that help you identify & heal the real cause, create balanced weight, balanced hormones, high energy levels, calmness, clarity of Vision, empowered choices, rejuvenation by mastering your mind- body - food: Feel nourished & be joyful. 

- Pre-assessment 

- 12 personal sessions

- 3 group sessions 

- Weekly meditation sessions

- WhatsApp group support

- Progress Mapping

- Practice worksheets

- Access to Community

- Mindful Coaching

Affirmations to aid the Healing Process

Every little step plays a big role in transforming my health & wellbeing.

Each disbalance is here to teach me, I am receptive to the learnings & ready for the new learning

I can transform my life with Love

I am the creator of my life. I will create a new reality

Amoha Holistic Wellness

Amoha is founded by Namrata Manyal, Registered Dietitian & Avani Dhruve, Mental Health Coach & Therapist. We have touched 1000+ lives in reversing PCOS, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disorders, Anxiety & Depression. We work by coaching people re-connect with their mind & body to rest, repair, rejuvenate & heal. Amoha is a beautiful combination of mindfulness, gentle nutrition, food, movement, emotions & sleep. We also educate and empower individuals through Instagram, YouTube, blog, corporate sessions and group trainings.

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