Holistic Ways to Manage Stress

Updated: Aug 26

Would you believe me if I told you that you were experiencing stress in situations which you perceive as happy too? Everybody from a Child to an Adult constantly experiences Stress in their body. Let me highlight the lesser known situations when you experience stress but you don’t even know it.

What stress feels like

  • You are all excited to go for an outing but everybody is taking their own sweet time to get ready.

  • You are excited about a new opportunity that has come your way but you don’t feel prepared for it

  • You are looking for a perfect gift for your loved one’s

  • Oh! Every time a new pimple chooses to surprise you

  • You are packing for your most exciting trip and it needs to be perfect

  • You have woken up late because you snoozed your alarm too much

I can go on about these unnoticed situations but that won’t be enough!

The biggest myth about stress is that, Stress comes from “Stressful situations”.

But in fact stress has nothing to do with situations but everything to do with emotion management skills. Stress Management equals emotion management.

Effects of Stress

When you experience Stress (perceive threat, experience dissatisfaction, irritation, lack of control, disappointment, lack of confidence, difficulty in expressing yourself, beliefs that cause limitation, difficulty in acceptance) your adrenal gland produces the hormone cortisol that increases blood sugar in bloodstream, increases use of glucose by the brain (Oh yes! Those sugar & coffee cravings, also not forgetting all the chai lovers) increases the availability of substances that repair tissues, curbs non-essential activities like digestive system, reproductive system, growth system & alters immune system.

Symptoms of Increased Cortisol

Other symptoms: Hunger, Depression, Arthritis, low metabolism, low immunity, Hypertension, Chronic fatigue, Sleep deprivation, Migraines, Tunnel vision, acid reflux, hostility.

How to identify stress?

  • Usually before the intensity of stress symptoms increases, it shows up in a particular way for a particular for every individual. We can call it an individual stress expression. Look out for following expressions anger, sweating, feeling nervous, palpitations, stomach upset, confusion, feeling of crying, need to isolate self, irritation, lack of motivation, cravings, sudden disconnect, tingling sensation in the stomach, cramps, itching, stiffness in different body parts.

  • Every time you drink water do a quick body and mind scan to look for symptoms or mood swings.

  • Check health of your bowel movement everyday.

  • Look for your appetite sudden increase or drop.

  • Analyze the quality of your sleep if you wake up well rested or feeling more sleepy.

10 key ways to Stress Relief

10 ways to relieve stress by Amoha

  • Addressing the problem, everyday spend few minutes writing down your biggest worries and looking for different ways to resolve them

  • Plan for conscious short breaks. Plan for 3 breaks throughout the day for 5 -10 minutes. Consciously separate yourself from tasks and take time to walk around and appreciate the beauty around you, feel grateful.

  • Starting your day with a self-care routine. Set an intention, exercise, meditate, and affirm.

  • Start your day with ginger-lemon water to feel fresh energetic & balanced

  • Be conscious of eating colored foods like pomegranate, berries, spinach, avocado, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and grains like jowar, bajra and oats.

  • Consciously hug your loved one’s every day and connect with them

  • Faith! If you believe in Universal force or God make sure that you pray every day. When situations go beyond our understanding and intellect it is faith help us believe and be present in a moment & take one step at a time

  • Make time for Play! Every activity you do shouldn’t be for work and goals, Play and have fun. This should be consciously planned for and not skipped

  • Work on your thought patterns!! Your words have power. Reflect on the language you talk to yourself in. Do you use words or statements that create threat or indicate failure or do you use words and statements that are empowering, profound and loving

  • Patience!!!! This is a key quality. Practice patience in your everyday life. Whether you are stuck in traffic, long queues, out of time or tired, practice patience by breathing in such moments and staying focused on the present.

Practicing the above steps will help you develop emotional maturity that will allow you to be calm in all types of situations. Better stress management means better health.

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