Let’ s move from Fight-Flight to Rest-Repair-Rejuvenate

Want to understand how Gut & Mind are impacting your health?

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In this webinar we shall discuss about the cores of wellness. Get a deep undesrtanding about why is this 14 day Reset Program so essential to all the symptoms you are experiencing. 

Free webinar to understand how Gut & Mind are impacting your health - by Amoha

The 14 Day Gut Reset Program

True health & wellbeing lies in two core elements: Gut & Mind. 

The exposure to toxins, environmental pollutants, erratic sleep schedules, incorrect eating, cooking practices, emotional stress and certain behavioural patterns creates a huge disbalance in Gut & Mind. 

Through their communication with each other & its impact on hormonal system and immune system, this disbalance creates the foundation of most chronic disorders like PCOS, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders, Anxiety, poor Immunity and Stubborn Weight. 

The only way we can work this is by addressing the Gut & Mind. Giving it a rest, the right nutrients to heal and the right environment to nourish. 

The  personalised 14-day Gut Reset Program is created to address this deep connection of Mind-Body-Food. The combination of gentle nutrition, mindful practices, movement and self-reflection will transform your body and create a positive shift in your everyday rituals.  

What do you get?

✅ Pre-assesment check

✅ 2-week Meal Plan

✅ 20+ Interesting & Quick Recipes

✅ Ingredient list 
✅ Design your Day Tempelate

✅ Pre-recorded Educational videos

✅ Morning ritual videos

✅ Weekly live meditation

✅ Mindful Eating Audios

✅ Emotional release

✅ Movement guidelines

✅ On-going Support

✅ Community Support

✅ 2 Personal Calls

What will you experience?

✅ Better Digestion

✅ Better energy levels

✅ Reduced Cravings

✅ Improved Skin

✅ Lightness

✅ Reduced aches & pains

✅ Better relationship with food, hunger & emotions

✅ Clarity about wellness

✅  Emotional release & lower stress

✅  Healing Mindset

✅ The ability to sync change sin your everyday lifestyle

With this guided & personalised program you will be able to incorporate and change your eating behaviours, thought patterns, stress management and identify emotions. 

Who should Join?

If you experience any of the following disorders/symptoms, this program is the best fit for you: 

Digestive Issues: Acidity, Bloating, Gas, Reflux, Heaviness, Constipation, IBS

Period Issues: Heavy periods, Painful Periods, Scanty Flow, PMS, Signs of PCOS

Weight Issues: Inability to lose weight, Trying to gain weight, Balanced Weight

Skin Issues: Rashes, Dry Skin, Acne

Thyroid Issues: Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's

Wellness Concerns: Poor Immunity, Low Energy Levels, Headaches, Brain fog, Lack of Focus,  Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress Intolerance, Cravings

They did it & saw beautiful changes..

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Amoha Client Reviews
Amoha Client Reviews
Amoha Client Reviews
Amoha Client Reviews

Your 360 Reset begins here

You have on-going support of Avani & Namrata throughout the 14 days to rest-restore & rejuvenate your entire body & mind system. 

Program Fee: INR 3500/-