The Amoha Team!

A fun team of two BFFs: A Registered Dietitian & A Mental Health Coach

Avani & Namrata Have been practicing in their fields since 2017

They met at a networking event in 2019 & had a brief conversation about their work. A week later, one chat over a cup of coffee led to the creation of Amoha Holistic Wellness. Since then they are not just co-founders of Amoha, but also a family!

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Live Session with Amoha about Painless Periods possible
Amoha Seminar
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The process of creating something so unique & new wasn’t easy. They faced many setbacks & roadblocks on their way. But their passion fuelled the struggle.

They both believe in making life simpler through Mindfulness.

It is not the diseases that should be addressed, but it is the person that should be Healed. They both have the ideology of addressing the PERSON COMPLETELY: their thoughts, patterns, hunger, food rather than simply focussing on their physical disorder.

They are passionate about each other's subject which results in holistic solutions for the community.

As we take one step at a time we just pray for better health, education and willpower to all the lovely people who have made the decision to walk on the path of change.

Future of Amoha is all about easy to follow training, retreats and empowering the community by building more helping hands.

Namrata Manyal Agicha Health Talk

Amoha has touched 1000+ lives through various master clasess, webinars, short courses & personal consultations on following topics Stress Management, Gut health, Cravings, PCOS, PMS, Fear & Anxiety, Period Pain, Weight Loss & Mindful living.

We have also conducted a series of webinars for corporates, yoga centres &  healthcare clinics and Live Sessions for Instagram Creators, Colleges and Youtube sessions on " How to work from home in an effective way ", "Stress management ", "How to meditate " "PCOS", "How to eat", "Diabetes", "Grocery Shopping", "Improve your Sleep", "Women's health", " Eating better for students" , '' Weight Loss''....

Oracle Financial Services, HERE Solutions, MSCI,  Abbott Nutrition, Innova8 Co working spaces, Zenergy Way to Fitness, Halani Healthcare, H.R.College, CEDP, MJ Shah & Company, Axiom Finance, Grapevine

Meet Avani Dhruve
Founder at Amoha. Mental Health Coach & Therapist

Avani Dhruve, Mental Health Coach

CA by qualification and healer by heart & profession. Avani has learnt many therapies and modalities that help her facilitate deep transformation in her clients. NLP master practitioner, Reiki healer, Akasha healer, Dream analyst, Access consciousness therapist and the learning continues. Avani has worked with organisations to coach managers for performance enhancement. She has conducted seminars at multiple corporates on topics such as Vision & goal setting, stress management, Meditation, conflict management, self awareness, finding balance & many more. She has also worked in the area of substance dependency such as cigarettes, alcohol and facilitated people to come out of their addictions. Her vision is to empower people through wisdom, clarity and enhanced perception. Different aspects of life Avani closely works with are Depression, anxiety, physical health disorders, pain, finding vision. Through Amoha we wish to become the support system to people out there working in achieving and creating their dream life, Experiencing inner peace.

Meet Namrata Manyal Agicha
Founder at Amoha.Registered Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist

Namrata Manyal Agicha, Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist

A Registered Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist with specialisation in Diabetes & Cardiac Care. Namrata has completed her graduation & post graduation from S.V.T College of Home Science, S.N.D.T University, Mumbai. After which she pursued a Registered Dietitian licence from KEM Hospital, Parel,Mumbai. She has worked at various private & government hospitals in Mumbai & has also worked in the field of research. She has co-authored international research & review papers and has 3 co-authored chapters in the FSSAI Eat Right book. Namrata has also been active in participating at Corporate Wellness Talks on topics such as Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Smart Food Shopping.Namrata has been a part of corporate assignments as a freelance consultant. She has also hosted independent workshops at healthcare & yoga centres on Weight Loss, Gut Health & Women’s Health. Her aim is to eradicate confusion about food & healthy habits and bring about awareness about Holistic Health Solutions & thus Amoha Holistic Wellness.

If you are an organization & wish to conduct a Wellness Program on Hormones, Gut, Mindful Living or Women's Health, please write to us at