Your Mind-Body-Food heals you

Join Avani & Namrata to Re-define your Life

The 4 Pillars of the Amoha Program

Nourish your Body

Nourish your Mind

Nourish your Emotions

Nourish your Soul

Sessions with Avani & Namrata has been life-changing for me
                                                   ~~Kl.S, PCOS. Chennai, India

Who should join Amoha & Why?

Well, if you are someone who is serious about life & want to dive in deeper to heal your chronic conditions and understand yourself this place is ideal for you. 
We at Amoha, do not believe in restrictions or developing a monotonous & robotic lifestyle. Instead, we focus on healing the root cause of metabolic & lifestyle disorders through awareness about Mind-Body-Food.
Ideal for: 
  • PCOS
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Gut issues: Acidity, GERD, IBS etc
  • Heart Conditions
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Specific situations in life
  • Mindful Living: Even if you have NO Disorders at all, but wish to work on certain situations & understand food better!! 

How can I join Amoha?

3-Months Personal Consultation​
A 3- month training program that focuses on creating a body, mind & food connection. 
We help you identify & work on your eating behaviours, patterns, life goals, vision,  stressors, gut health & hormones.
  • A Pre-assessment Form 
  • 1 Goal Setting Group session 
  • 7 Personal sessions with Namrata 
  • 5 Personal sessions with Avani 
  • 2 Group sessions for Progress Mapping 
  • Everyday worksheets 
  • Weekly meditation sessions
  • WhatsApp group for all time support & constant touch
  • 5 Knowledge & Application based videos
Total Consultation Fee: 
INR 22, 000/- 

My major concern of irregular & painful periods was completely sorted. Not just that, I am now able to understand my feelings & take better life decisions

                                    ~~Ujwala, Endometriosis. Maharashtra

What our sessions look like?

We believe that everybody has the capacity to heal & transform their lives.

Mind Coaching by Avani: Healing through wisdom, taking charge, right approach & aligned vision. Her sessions are focused towards incorporating spirituality in your day to day life. Feeling happy, graceful & love through simple pleasures of life.  Avani's mission is to help you recognize your soul plan and walk on it with grace. 

Food Coaching by Namrata: Namrata does not believe in the diet culture. Her sessions involve complete knowledge & understanding about body & food to create sustainable lifestyle changes. Namrata strongly believes in healing food relationships & recreating a connection with self & food. 

Amoha believes in holistic healing through Mind-Body-Food. If you are ready to dive into Awareness & Being In-charge, Join Us Now

This program is meant for you if:

- You are fed up of diets

- You are willing to commit yourself

- You are looking for sustainable & fun solutions 

- You want to fall in love with yourself

- You want to heal your relationship with food

- You want to enjoy food freedom

- You want to look at health beyond weight & food

- PCOS, Diabetes, Gut health, weight loss: Prevention & Management 

This program is  NOT meant for you if:

- You are looking for crash diet

- You are not ready for self-work & commitment 

- You are looking for quick fixes

- You do not want to grow & evolve

- You do not want to look beyond weight & food

- You don't want to enjoy food freedom 

- You don't want to be self-aware

The Amoha Community

The Amoha community is for the people of Amoha by the people of Amoha. It is created for anyone who has worked with Amoha for at least a month. 

We all need a strong sense of community. Humans go through so many similar problems & when like minded people come together finding creative solutions to these becomes so much easier. The aim of this community membership is to Create Healthier & Happier Lives
This yearly community membership includes:
  1. Monthly live interactive sessions with our team of experts on various topics such as-Goals & Vision, Emotions,Love, Food Psychology, Gut cleansing, Sleep, Dreams & Manifestations and much more. 
  2. Monthly group tasks along with other community members based on the topic of the month
  3. Direct interaction with our experts: Avani & Namrata
  4. Regular email updates on activities
  5. Newsletter access
  6. Benefits for other workshops/webinars                                                                                                   

    In our day to day lives, we all come across moments that make our day sad, irritated, restricted or emotional. Often we are unable to decode these moments & let it pass by. A lot of times we also tend to overcast our emotions & sleep using food. All these actions have cumulative impact in the long run. They either cause chronic illnesses or anxiety. This kind of behaviour derails from our purpose, vision & goals.  Through the Amoha Community, we shall help you decode these & this will give you day to day clarity to avoid anxiety, emotional breakdowns, confidence issues, sleep issues, minor/major digestive issues (bloating, acidity, burps etc) & also episodes of emotional eating.
To enroll: amohaprogram@amoha.live

Amoha Workshops

At Amoha, we conduct regular 2-hour workshops. These are with the aim to spread the right knowledge about specific health & wellness topics such PCOS, acidity, bloating, anxiety. These workshops are followed by a 7-day WhatsApp implementation group where we make sure you apply what you learn. 

30-Day Amoha Courses

30-Day online courses to help you understand and heal your chronic disorders. These are specially designed to help individuals be in-charge of their mind-body-food. During these courses our team shall conduct 4 live sessions to meet the purposes. A WhatsApp chat support group will help you identify and apply best suited solutions for your food, sleep, emotions, meditation, exercise and eating habits. 

Topics covered: PCOS, Acidity, Bloating, Anxiety, Stress. 

To be a part of these trainings Contact us