Beginners Guide to Morning Meditation

Updated: Aug 26

Since the time I started my journey with meditation, I realised there are so many misconceptions that we hold about meditation. We find it difficult to meditate because of these inhibitions.

Meditation is a state of Mind that helps you become aware, conscious, enhance perception, helps you to tap into your super abilities, transform emotions, heal pain and stay balanced in all situations.

We all have heard stories about super abilities portrayed by Great Saints. As per ancient Hindu teachings this state of mind is achieved through these 3 paths:

Bhakti Yoga – The path of devotion, where the devotee completely surrenders and looks at all situations as “Act of God” there by developing the ability to respond from energy of love & compassion

Karma Yoga - The path where all actions are guided by “The right thing that serves the greater good of all beings”

Jnana Yoga – The path of knowledge where the being dedicates oneself to understanding oneself, understanding universe and learning the truth about life

We are the beings of the 20th century and we have dreams, we wish to experience life, understand our potential, feel happy & fulfilled, celebrate Life. Developing this meditative state can help you achieve all of these dreams beautifully.

Practicing Bhakti yoga to have faith & hope at all times when we feel numb, scared, insecure and cannot contemplate.

Practicing Karma Yoga in our everyday life in how we nourish our relationships, how we take care of our health and manage our responsibilities.

Practicing Jnana Yoga to develop knowledge that allows you to constantly grow and develop wisdom, make better decisions, manifest your dreams.


Tips to Improve Efficiency of Meditation

  • The most important thing that determines the impact of meditation is “INTENTION” . Setting an intention before you meditate is very crucial. Intention can be any of the above 3 paths to improve your life and manifest your dreams. Developing wisdom for better thoughts & perception that heal stress, courage to practice right decisions that help you choose best for yourself, Improve your organ health to enjoy epitome to health

  • Set a separate time and space for your meditation – This helps your mind to automatically connect with the intention and practice more with focus. Mind preparation can enhance the quality of practice.

  • Drink Water – Staying hydrated and drinking a small glass of water before meditation helps body to relax and become more receptive during meditation

  • Having a Light Stomach – Having a light stomach and a considerable gap of 1-2 hours before your previous meal improves the intensity of your meditation. Having a full stomach diverts your body energy towards digestion and can make you feel sleepy during meditation


Meditation myths that stop you from meditating

  • You should not have thoughts while meditating It is natural to have thoughts while meditating and they come to transform themselves. So let them come to you. Don’t fear them. Simply accept them. Don’t engage.

  • Ideal time to meditate is 3:40 amYes meditating early morning can be powerful but meditation can empower you anytime of the day. So do it whenever possible for you.

  • You cannot meditate anywhere - Yes you can meditate anywhere, it is great, If you can find separate space and time for yourself but don’t let that limit you. You can use your travel time, coffee breaks as your time for interiorization and energy boosters. You can chant in your mind or do couple cycles of deep breaths or simply close your eyes and observe the sensations in your body.

  • Meditation should instantaneously help you focus and feel calm – Meditation doesn’t always mean feeling calm. Before feeling calm it is even important to reflect on errors and accept our ego which can feel uncomfortable. But meditation helps overcome resistance that don’t allow us to heal. So it can feel uncomfortable but continuing to do this will result in healing, calm and peace.


Tools that help you meditate

  • Pranayam: Pranayam is Breath work techniques learnt from Yoga. One can practice any particular type of breath work for 10 minutes every day with intention and can achieve great results. It can help in better blood circulation, Digestive system, improved lung capacity, clarity of thoughts, better stamina, improve metabolism, body detox

  • Guided Meditation: This form meditation involves soothing music with commands. This meditation is helps best with training mind for a new task, letting go of past beliefs, developing gratitude, expanding vision, releasing trauma

  • Movement Meditation: This involves completely focusing on particular task such as dancing, playing a game, reading, practicing a hobby and getting completely absorbed in the sensations and allowing the movement expand your awareness. This is best when working towards developing motivation, dealing with overthinking, releasing stress, working towards releasing limitations

  • Awareness Meditation: In this meditation one focuses on an object or body sensations or a particular body part. This meditation is perfect to expand one’s awareness, develop perception, develop intuition, this also helps great deal in finding answers to issues we cannot logically resolve.

  • Mantra Meditation: This involves chanting a powerful Mantra or a phrase or a question over and over again while maintaining the focus on the vibrations you can experience in your body. These vibrations have the power to alter the state of your consciousness and activate the meditative state of consciousness that helps you thrive. This form of meditation is best in healing trauma, receiving answers, enhancing intuition.


Best Meditation for beginners

Best routine to begin with as a beginner is as follows:

  1. Sit in prayer position, join your hands and set your intention. Be in this position for atleast 2 minutes till you feel centered and ready to receive.

  2. Do 12 rounds of deep breathing. (Breath for 3 counts, hold in fullness for 2 counts, breath out for 3 counts, hold in emptiness for 2 counts. This is 1 cycle)

  3. Chant “Aum” for 21 counts

  4. Sit in silence for 2-3 minutes


You should know beginner or not meditation is a state of mind. That already exists with you. The above tools & techniques only help you to become receptive for this state of mind to get activated within you.

So be patient and just practice without any preconceived notion and let this magic happen to you. Don’t try to create it. Let it flow.

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