The Root Cause of Acidity & Acid Reflux

That burning sensation in your stomach..the movement of those acids..the heaviness in your chest..the itch in your throat along with a light nagging headache, annoying isn’t it?

All of this pushes you to pop in antacids to get relief from these symptoms.

But, what if I told you the theory of antacid is futile & you are just unnecessarily making these pharma companies richer with every purchase and your health poorer.

In Fact the real reasons for acidity will sort of shock you!

Let me tell you something I strongly believe in: ‘’Knowing the root cause will give 50% of your real solution’’

For something like acidity specially, something that 90% of my clients walk in with (and thankfully get 100% relieve from it in just 10 days 😁)

Let me first tell you 3 reasons for this high level of recovery rate:

  1. They FINALLY figure out the root cause

  2. They stop doing band aid therapy (like popping antacids)

  3. They start paying attention to their Gut & Mind Connection (watch this video to understand this better)

Now, let’s come to the point i.e the Root cause of acidity.

No, it is not because of high acid levels & thus antacids are of little to no help at all.

Acidity is rather due to LOW STOMACH ACID.Isn’t that an irony.

Every part of the GIT has a specific pH. This pH basically defines the acidity or alkalinity of a particular site. This pH is due to the specific functions each organ holds. The pH of the stomach is usually the lowest (i.e highest acid level) because of the major digestive and storage functions that it holds. The churning that takes place in our stomach requires high acid levels to complete the digestion process. Even if you don’t eat, this acid is released every 2 hours as a natural physiological response. In Fact the first step of digestion begins with mere thought &/or site of food (aka mouthwatering).

Normally,under ideal circumstances the stomach cells synthesize and release this acid in required amounts that is used up in the digestive process. This acid does not leave the stomach. A sphincter (kind of a lid) protects the movement of acid in the upward direction into the throat (esophagus).

But this is a normal state, that normally doesn't exist. So, when due to multiple reasons (listed below) the stomach acid drops down causing you to feel acidic and experience reflux!

How Low Stomach Acid contributes to Acid Reflux & Acidity?

Like I mentioned above, the role of stomach acids is to make whatever you are eating is completely digested. Along with this, it also takes care of killing the bad guys, synthesis & absorption of certain micronutrients essential to the human body. When the pressure in the stomach increases due to low stomach acids, all these functions are impaired & the lid (between esophagus & stomach) is not able to hold things together. So the guard that was all this while preventing the entry of undigested food particles and harmful bacteria into your esophagus is off duty which gives these bad guys an open opportunity to invade into the land next to them i.e causing reflux.

None of the acid suppressing medications will help you undo this process & heal the damage caused. In Fact they will rather increase the trouble in the long term by further lowering acid production & release. The only reason why they work temporary is because they reduce stomach pressure (thus, making you feel like you got acid relief)

Real Solutions for acid reflux & acidity

I am not going to write a long list of food dos & don'ts.I am sure you have read them a million times. I am giving you 3 no nonsense long term solutions to get rid of this problem.

1. Work on your stress: Chronic stress causes adrenal fatigue & adrenal fatigue causes your stomach to produce less acid. Start small. Start by simply journaling your thoughts at the end of the day. Give yourself the liberty to feel your emotions and take micro mini breaks to come back to the present!

2. Sleep schedule: This is by far the one solution that works for literally every health problem: correcting your circadian rhythm. The acid production and release follows a circadian rhythm & when we work against it in the physical world, we experience these nagging symptoms. Even one night of disturbed sleep or lack of sleep can disturb your stomach pH. Balance is key & following a routine 80% of your time to correct circadian rhythm will give you immense benefits in the long term. Create a night time ritual, dim those lights, light a candle, journal, read a book to slow down & conclude your day.

3. Herbs: Adding a cup or two of herbal teas will soothe your stomach & improve your overall digestion capacity. Herbs like ginger, dandelion, rosemary, fennel, basil, cumin & carom seeds (ajwain) show proven results. You don’t need to start all at once. Pick up one & continue it for at least 3 months.

Best taken after meals

Some combinations: CCF (Cumin-coriander seeds-fennel seeds)

Ajwain-Cumin seeds-Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds-Ajwain

Best taken 30 minutes before meals


Ginger-rock salt

Ginger-black pepper-rock salt

Bottom Line: Stomach acid is essential for proper digestion so don’t pop antacids to lower it further. Use the power of food to work on root cause & retrieve yoyr digestion!

Now, if you are really interested to understand your digestion deeper & work on the root cause approach you are invited to join the 14 day gut reset Program!

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