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Don't Let PCOS Weigh you Down!

A 2-hour workshop to answer all your questions on weight loss with PCOS

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Presented by
Namrata Manyal Agicha,
Registered Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist.

Namrata, is a co-founder at Amoha. Her expertise is in PCOS, Gut health & Mindful Eating. She loves to educate girls about period health & breaking myths about period health. 


Presented by
Avani Dhruve,
Mental Health Coach

Avani, is a co-founder at Amoha. She loves find the real cause & provide long term solutions. Her passion lies in learning something new everyday & spreading the right kind of knowledge about emotions, stress & relationships.

In this workshop we will cover

Understanding PCOS

Body weight & Hormones

Impact of periods on weight 

Reasons for inability to lose weight 

Key Eating Principles

Managing a busy lifestyle & holistic healing

Participants will recieve

Workshop Summary


Sample Recipes

In-session Meditation by Avani Dhruve

Enrolment Fee: INR 99/- 

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